Shillington College has campuses in Manchester and London, as well as locations in Australia and New York; and offer an innovative approach to design education, with students securing positions with firms such as the New York Times once qualified.

The Bury-based family business has completed an installation of advanced equipment with high-resolution colour printing technology, as well as the ability to scan and copy, all functioning within the colleges’ Mac OS environment.  The equipment, manufactured by Develop has the ability to print at high speeds and on a wide range of paper stock and sizes, at various levels of finish.

Sam Elphick, Sales Director at Lex, said:  “We were approached by Shillington to put a proposal together for new printing equipment, and it was clear from our initial conversations that print-quality was an integral element to the colleges’ requirement.  After submitting our quotation, we are delighted to have won the business, and to support the college for years to come”.

The equipment is covered by Lex’s award-winning, Managed Print Service (MPS), which involves constant monitoring of the devices, automated toner delivery when levels deplete as well as a 3-4 hour response by the firms’ manufacturer accredited engineers should the equipment require attention.

Clay Allison of Shillington College, said: “As a graphic design college we rely heavily on our printing equipment, it is very important that the output is of a high-quality and displays our students work in the best way possible”.

The five-figure contract win comes as the technology firm completes its financial year end, announcing the third year of consecutive growth, with an increase of turnover of 11% compared to the previous year.

“We are very pleased with the solution that Lex has implemented, as well as their professionalism and on-going support.”
Clay Allison, Shillington College