From technology to furniture and interiors, we can offer financing for it all.

What is leasing?

Capital leasing is a tax-efficient, flexible way of funding the purchase of equipment such as printers/photocopiers, as well as IT, software and furniture.

For any purchase of £1,000 or more, we utilise the services of various leading finance partners to provide a lease option on our range of products. This includes such household names as GRENKE, Siemens Financial Services, and more – all of whom are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Who can lease?

If you have an established business with a good credit history, then leasing will almost certainly be available to you as a finance option.

Should you be considering leasing a capital purchase from us, we will take the headache out of the administrative side of the application and propose the agreement to the relevant finance partner on your behalf. Once the financiers are satisfied that the contract is agreeable, they will authorise finance and the paperwork will be completed electronically.

We also specialise in leasing for public sector organisations such as education, and the NHS.  In addition to this we are able to obtain leasing for start-up organisations or those with limited trading history.

Siemens Financial Services
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

However if you are a new start-up company or have had difficulties in the past we may also be able to arrange finance for you.

The benefits of leasing?

1. Significant tax benefits – For private organisations payments are fully tax deductible unlike using cash

2. Low, fixed payments allow easy budgeting throughout the term

3. Spread the cost of your purchases in line with the return on the investment

4. Make your capital work for you – Rather than sink valuable cash into depreciating assets, deploy it elsewhere for higher returns

5. Totally flexible, a lease allows you to determine the term, how frequently you pay and can be upgraded or changed throughout


6. Manage absolescence and refresh assets strategically rather than face unbudgeted large write offs

7. Make investment decisions based upon your needs and not limited by constrained budgets

8. Reduce dependency on your primary funder(s) – Your existing credit lines remain unaffected and you will have access to over 20 specialist asset funders.

9. Spread the cost of VAT which is paid in instalments rather than as a lump sum up-front (excluding hire/lease purchase agreements)

10. Turnkey funding – Build all your costs into the lease to maximise the benefits even further

Leasing examples

Colour MFP – 22 Pages Per Minute

  • Copy and Print up to 22/22 ppm A4 and up to 14/14 ppm A3 in colour/BW
  • Scan up 160 ipm in colour/BW
  • Fax with Super-G3-Fax option for fast transmission and digital reception, Polling, time shift, PC-Fax, Receipt to confidential box, Receipt to email, FTP, SMB
  • Standard: Embedded controller with 800 MHz (SoC architecture)

5 year lease price: £135.00 per quarter, i.e. £45.00 per month
3 year lease price: £185.00 per quarter, i.e. £62.00 per month

Colour MFP – 22 Pages Per Minute

Complete office bundles

  • 2 x     Corner Ergonomic Desks
  • 2 x     Desk High Pedestals
  • 2 x     2 Lever Operator Chairs
  • 1 x     3 Draw Metal Filing Cabinet
  • 1 x     Fujitsu Esprimo A525 AMD PC + 18.5” LED Display
  • 1 x     Develop ineo +224e Colour MFP

5 year lease price: £275.00 per quarter, i.e. £91.60 per month
Representative example: £21.13 per week

Complete Office Equipment Bundles available

Office interiors

Rather than lay out a large capital sum, most organisations prefer to lease large purchases of office furniture including full office interior fit-outs.  This can range from seating, to break-out furniture and desking, all interior furnishings can be included under a lease as long as the value exceeds £1,000.

Example finance costs
Value of new office furniture:  £5,000
5 year lease price:  £310.00 per quarter, i.e. £101.00 per month
3 year lease price:  £495.00 per quarter, i.e. £165.00 per month

Office Interiors Available

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