An innovative and simplified solution for all of your print and document output needs

A Managed Print Service from Lex removes printer and photocopier related headaches, and allows full transparency of device usages and costs. 

Companies are unable to see the true costs of producing documents in the office as items are frequently expensed in different ways, equipment and consumables in particular.  With no central ownership or management, the total costs of generating a paper document in the workplace are uncontrolled and unknown. As a result, costs are normally much higher than they need to be. 

Will I need to purchase toner or expensive parts?

No – there will be need to purchase and stock expensive toner/ink or parts, these are all included within our Managed Print Service. 

Does MPS include repairs?

Yes – Our Managed Print Service will include all repairs and maintenance to the equipment – engineer on site within 4-8 hours.

How will I know if my printer needs maintenance?

You won’t need to worry – even if your printer or photocopier is running perfectly, we will ensure two preventative maintenance visits per year to keep your equipment ship-shape!

Will I need to remember to manually order new toner?

No – there will be an automatic dispatch of toner ‘just-in-time’, when there is 15% toner remaining.

What do I pay?

You simply pay for the pages you print each month which is automatically fed back to our system and billed.  You’ll get an easy to understand bill per month, itemising your devices, location and print usage.  The only extra you will need to purchase is paper!

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How do we do it

1. Monitoring

With our bespoke LexFleet software, our consultants will monitor your businesses printing behaviours and gain an indepth understanding of your current print setup. We will require full financial information based upon your current print costs which will enable us to generate a jointly agreed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) based on your existing print infrastructure. The monitoring stage usually takes in the region of one to four months to complete.

2. Analysis

After the monitoring period, we will analyse the data we have extracted, and put this in to an easy to understand proposal. The main element of this stage is to put forward a solution that will exceed and improve the customers current situation incorporating hardware, software and suport offered by Lex.   

Working alongside the decision maker we will take in to account the document output needs of each department, key personnel and put forward equipment suggestions for each area. During this stage we will also demonstrate the projected financial savings that can be made by rolling out our solution.

3. Implementation

During this stage we will work alongside your IT contact, and decision maker to arrange the implementation of our proposal.  Our team will work closely to ensure the installation of printing hardware and software is a streamlined process.  Once installed we will offer full training and with our understanding of your businesses print needs ensure that you make the most out of the facilities the equipment holds.

4. Automation

The most integral element of a Managed Print Solution (MPS) is this final stage; automation. Through the advances of technology, our systems will monitor the installed fleet of printing equipment 24 hours a day, meaning that manually ordering of printer or photocopier toner will be a distant memory. This automated service allows your staff to deal with their own tasks, rather than worrying about toners running low or submitting meter readings.

Our clients

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“Since purchasing new printing equipment from Lex, and covering it under their MPS, I don’t need to worry about our printers.  Toner arrives before we even know it is due to run out, and my IT team can spend their time focusing on other tasks.”

Alison T, Dentist