Toner recycling and the environment at Lex

Toner recycling

Lex pledge to offer sustainable products to its clients. A major obstacle is to ensure those clients who purchase ink/toner or in fact receive coverage under Lex’s Managed Print Service. In addition, we assist by handling and disposing of waste consumables such as empty toner units responsibly.

Over 97% of toner cartridges are recyclable, yet millions of cartridges end up in landfill sites each year, taking hundreds of years to completely decompose. It is Lex’s mission to ensure all clients have access to simple and efficient toner recycling.

ISO14001 is an international standard that encourages organisations to put an environmental management system in place. Lex Business Services ensure these obligations are met with the toner recycling scheme offers.

An ISO14001 system gives a solid framework to meet all legal or regulatory requirements. As well as expectations for corporate responsibility. The standard also recognises an organisation’s effort to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, including all aspects of its day-to-day operations and future planning.

BSI Assurance ISO 14001 2015

How does Lex’s Recycling Scheme work?

1. Recycling box delivery

Firstly, the recycling box will arrive when we deliver your photocopier. Moreover, if you’re an existing customer of ours but have not been issued a box or would like to request one, please contact us. We’ll then dispatch one to your business for you to assemble.

2. Usage and collection

Additionally, you can play all types of toner cartridges, ink cartridges, waste toner bottles and consumable parts inside your recycling box. You also may use the box to recycle inks or toners that may not have been supplied by Lex. Then, when the box is full, simply contact the number on the front of your box to arrange collection.

3. New recycling box arrives

Upon collection of your full recycling box, we will then make arrangements to ensure that an empty box is sent. This is usually delivered at the same time to ensure you can start recycling straight away.

4. Waste documents issued

Accordingly, we’ll issue a waste transfer note. Your waste transfer note, in short, shows that Lex’s Recycling Scheme complies with WEEE guidelines. Furthermore, this and the other documentation which goes with the transfer certificate is important for any ISO audits you may have.

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“As a business in the environmental industry, we regularly receive audits to ensure that we meet the strict structure of the ISO standard.  When we purchased our copiers from Lex we were automatically issued with recycling boxes for toners, and I am pleased with the recycling service – particularly the promptness of collection and issuing of certificates.”

Robert S, Compliance Manager – Water Waste Company