During uncertain times, we have seen across multiple sectors that suppliers of services and products have ceased trading.
But what happens if my photocopier supplier goes bust?

Typically when a company purchases print and copy devices (printers, photocopiers, or scanners) covered by a Managed Print Service contract, the supplier is responsible by contract, for the provision of all: toner, consumables, repairs, parts, and technical support.

My print equipment is financed through a 3rd party finance company, what do I do?

When new equipment is purchased, it can either be bought outright (cash purchase) or the most popular option is to start a finance rental agreement via a 3rd party finance company.  As this is a separate legally binding agreement, between yourself and the finance company, you will need to continue to make these payments for the rental of the equipment – or you could settle this early and return the equipment.

My equipment has a fault or has run out of toner

This would usually be covered by the Managed Print Service contract with your provider, however, if they are no longer contactable, or you have received notification that they have gone into administration, this provision may also cease.

I am only halfway through my contract term, what should I do?

In the first instance, the best advice would be to contact the finance company that take the quarterly rentals and request a settlement figure.  It may work in your favour to continue to pay the rentals for the equipment and purchase toner and consumables on an ad-hoc basis as and when required, however, this can work out expensive.  An alternative would be to speak to a reputable provider of Managed Print Services, who can, in most cases settle off any remaining finance on your behalf and provide you with a replacement device and full cover.

I own my photocopier/print device, what are my options?

You can continue to run the device until it requires parts or costly repairs, which depending on the age and mileage of the device could be several years.  However it can become expensive to do this, therefore it may be worthwhile contacting a local provider of photocopiers and printers, as well as Managed Print Services – who can give you a trade-in value.

If your provider of Managed Print Services has left you in the lurch, or perhaps you are receiving inadequate service – we would be pleased to help.
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