Bury-based technology firm Lex has recently received official accreditation as a Supporter of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

Greater Manchester is a leading exemplar of good employment in the UK, it is a place where people should have equal access to quality work that is inclusive, fairly compensated, offers security, flexibility and Lex are pleased to surpass the criteria of the framework.

The charter focuses on three key elements and which include People – ‘Improving people’s lives by supporting their employers to offer roles that provide better opportunities for them to grow, develop, and thrive in the workplace.’

It also includes Society – ‘Contributing to a societal shift in the importance placed on the value and quality of work that is available, leaving ‘any work is good work’ behind.’

Additional focus is based around the Economy – ‘Making the business case for good employment – proving that treating people well isn’t just ‘right’ to do, it enables employers to achieve more, contributing to a thriving economy.’


Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter Supporter.png


There are now over 260 employers that have made the commitment to the Good Employment Charter, which covers over 230,000 employees across Greater Manchester.

Research by Citizen’s Advice (CA) suggests some four and a half million people in England and Wales are in insecure work. Their work states that over 2.3m people are working variable shift patterns, with an additional 1.1m on temporary contracts and a further 800,000 are on either zero-hour or agency contracts.

Supporters of the Charter are extending secure work with the following commitment:
“We commit to giving our employees clarity over the hours they work and not to use unnecessary forms of insecure employment, so they have more security over their income and can manage their work and non-work commitments more easily.”

Sam Elphick, Director said “We are especially proud to support the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, and are excited to collaborate with like-minded Charter employers.  Our company is well respected and has a great reputation across the region spanning over four decades, it is important to us to support our people beyond the working day”.

Sam continued, “Given that 60% of a person’s waking hours are spent at work, it is so important that we offer nothing more than a safe, secure and happy environment – which our accreditation to the Charter demonstrates”.

To find out more information, visit the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.