To begin with, many organisations massively underestimate the volume of their internal print function. Moreover, what’s of great concern is the majority of businesses don’t understand the true cost to print a document. Namely, the annual number of pages printed by an employee in the UK is sizeable.

The average number of pages printed by an employee annually

Recent research in Britain concludes that the average employee prints approximately 8,000 A4 pages per year.

Now let us understand the cost to print one black/white A4 document with a text coverage of 5%. This can be difficult to equate and is dependent upon which printer someone uses. Interestingly, in 2014, one of the bestselling mono laser printers (based on online sales) was the Brother HL-1110 laser printer. Based on this model the cost to print (inc. toner and drum unit) is 4.5 pence per page, i.e. approx. £360 per employee per year based on 8,000 prints – excluding any repairs or external maintenance support.

According to the Small Business Survey of 2012, the average UK SME has 16 employees. Therefore, the average cost to print per annum for a business of this size is £5,760.

How Lex Business can help

A managed print service (MPS) provided by Lex Business Equipment can bring organisations a saving of up to 40% on print costs. Based on an office employing 20 staff, and worked upon the aforementioned averages this can save approximately £5,920 per year – or £29,600 after a 5 year period. Furthermore, Lex’s MPS solution also includes ongoing repairs and maintenance to equipment. Accordingly, paper jams and all other printer headaches will become a distant memory.

In short, we offer complete printer management and MFP fleet, plus improvements in working efficiency, cost savings and productivity. As a result, it’s truly a no brainer: it’s time to call Lex.

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